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Rug Tufting Supplies - What to purchase STARTER KIT

📣 Attention all rug tufting enthusiasts! 📚🧶

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my brand new eBook, "What to buy first by SHA" 📖✨ Best of all, it's absolutely FREE for our incredible community members!

Whether you're a seasoned tufter or just starting out on your creative journey, this comprehensive eBook is your go-to resource for understanding the essential supplies needed to kickstart your tufting projects. From yarns to tools and everything in between, this guide has got you covered.

📥 Download your FREE copy here

Inside this eBook, you'll find:

🧵 A breakdown of the different types of tufting yarns and their characteristics, helping you choose the perfect yarn for your desired texture and style. 🛠️ An overview of essential tufting tools, including tufting guns, frames, and scissors, with recommendations to suit various budgets. 📏 Tips on selecting the right backing fabric, frames, and accessories to ensure a smooth and successful tufting experience. 💡 Expert advice and practical tips from seasoned tufters, offering valuable insights and inspiration to take your craft to the next level. 🎨 Bonus: A curated list of trusted suppliers where you can find high-quality tufting materials.

Share this incredible resource with your fellow tufting enthusiasts, friends, and anyone who wants to dive into the wonderful world of rug tufting! Let's spread the joy of creativity and grow our community together.

🌟 Remember, this eBook is completely FREE, so grab your copy now and embark on your tufting adventure with confidence. Happy tufting! 🌈🧶

P.S. If you find the eBook helpful, please consider leaving a review or sharing your thoughts in the comments below. Your feedback fuels our passion for creating more valuable resources for the community!

ALSO PLEASE READ! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I want to be clear and transparent to my subscribers!

This guide will guide you to purchase the BEST equipment on amazon (USA) please inbox me if you are outside of the USA and need a guide - tufting gun (my favorite) - another good cut pile - tufting cloth - felt - carpet adhesive - tufting trimmers - face masks for trimming and applying the adhesive for safety - latex gloves to protect hands while trimming and gluing - non slip backing (felt is good as well) - shop vac - punch needle - 30x30 frame - yarn winder - scissors - “cheap” projector - expensive projector - heatpress than lasts 10+ years - teflon sheets for heatpress - sublimation ink sg500-1000 - Sublimation ink sg400-800 - hat heat press - screenprint press - cobbler shoe repair machine

ENJOY! Visit for custom frame kit Subscribe to the youtube channel!

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